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5 Reasons Why Every Bride Needs a Wedding Planner

Wedding DecorYour  wedding  day  is  naturally  one  of  the  best  days  of  your  life.  It  consists  of  all  of  the   little  (and  big)  things  that  represent  you  as  a  couple,  a  day  for  all  of  your friends  and   loved  ones  to  enjoy  and  one  that  you’ll  remember  forever.  There  are so  many  aspects   that  you  need  to  focus  on  in  order  to  bring  it  all  together though,  which  is  why  this  can   be  such  a  stressful  period  for  brides  too.  Hiring  a wedding  planner  can  make  this  joyful  time  a  little  easier  on  your  nerves.  Here   are  a  few  reasons  why  you  should  consider  hiring  a  professional  planner:

  1.  You’ve  never  done  this  before – Chances  are  you  and  your  fiancé  haven’t  planned  a  wedding  before.  Even  if  you  have,   there  are  always  new  and  exciting  trends,  venues,  and  vendors  popping  up  so  it’s  never   the  same.   Some  brides  feel  that  they  can  plan  their  own  weddings  because  they’vehelped  a  sister  or  best  friend  plan  theirs  but  planning  your  own  wedding  is  completely   different.  A  professional  wedding  planner  is  the  best  person  to  guide  you  through  this   intricate  process
  2. The  stress  is  getting  to  you  – Planning  a  wedding  is  harder  than  it  looks  and  if  you’re  already  losing  sleep  over  your   massive  to-­‐do  list,  hiring  a  wedding  planner  can  really  make  the  entire  process  much   more  manageable  and  enjoyable  for  you.  You  should  be  excited  about  your  big  day,  not   stressed  and  tearful.
  3. You’re  unsure  about  the  costs  involved  – If  you’re  in  the  process  of  putting  a  budget  together  and  would  like  some  more  guidance   on  what  to  expect  based  on  your  unique  preferences,  a  wedding  planner  can  be  your   guide.  A  professional  wedding  planner  can  offer  you  great  insights  on  industry  norms   and  trends  and  what  you  can  expect.  They  can  also  really  help  you  stick  to  your  budget.
  4. You  need  a  push  start  – A  wedding  planner  can  help  you  get  the  ball  rolling  so  that  you  can  start  making  all  the   important  decisions.  They’ll  help  bring  your  vision  together  and  put  you  in  touch  with   vendors  and  suppliers  who  can  help  bring  your  day  to  life.
  5. You’re  under  the  impression  that  your  florist, venue or photographer will help with your wedding planning – Yes, although a florist, venue and/or a photographer can  give  you  some  guidance  on  the  timing   they  definitely won’t  be assisting  you  with  any  other  coordination  or wedding planning.  These vendors, may be able  to  tell  you  what  time  to  start getting  ready  and how much  time  they’ll  need   for  family  shots for the photographer,  but  they won’t be  able  to  assist with  the  clearing  of  the  reception  hall  for  décor  shots, bustling  your  dress before  you  walk  down  the  aisle  or  making  sure  that   the men’s  boutonnieres are  pinned  on  properly,  this  is  what  your  wedding planner is   for.  A  wedding planner  is  there  to  make  sure  that  your photographer  can do  his  or  her   job on  the  day, that your florist has finished in a timely manner with the floral decor, that they deliver your bouquets, and other items to the hotel on time for the pre-wedding photos the photographers will be taking and/or for our First Look. The  planners will make sure all of the details are taken care of and that everything is completed in a timely manner and most of all the planners are there from beginning to end providing their expertisee which will in turn make the wedding planning process a less stressful and more enjoyable one and to make your special day one you and your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Monat – Revolutionary Products That Will Change the Way You Look & Feel

Start off your 2020 by doing something special for yourself.

MONAT Brand Mark_Blue_Logotype

I recently started using these products and loved them so much I became a Market Partner.  If you’re not familiar with Monat you must try them.  You’ll love the way your hair will feel and look.  You’ll notice a difference almost immediately.  Of course everyone is different and it can take a few washes to really notice that your hair has changed, but for me I noticed the difference the same day.  My hair was extremely dry from coloring it so much especially getting my hair to be blonde it’s not an easy task and all the chemicals damage your hair drastically.  But after using Monat my hair has changed so much and looks so much healthier.  I’m not one to promote or sell things without trying them first.  So believe me when I tell you they really work.

For more information stop by my website at Barbara’s Monat Website and/or feel free to contact me directly.  I’d love to give you more details and answer any questions you may have about the products.  For all of my upcoming brides, this is an excellent product for you to start using now, so when your special day arrives your hair will look fabulous. Oh and yes all Monat products are “Cruelty Free”.

MONAT Product Shareable 4

We also have a skincare line that helps reduce the wrinkles and helps with those dark circles and bags under the eyes.  We have products for normal/combination skin to dry/sensitive skin types. After taking a skincare quiz you’ll be able to determine which products fit your needs best.

I love my Monat products and I’m confident you will too.  Again visit my site at Barbara’s Monat Website or feel free to contact me direcly.



Top Wedding Color Trends for 2020

If you just got engaged over the Holidays and ideas are racing through your head on colors, theme, style, etc.  check out this article.  It will help you see some great color combinations and get your creativity going.  According to Italian Bark these are some of the top Color Trends for 2020.  Check out their article at

Wedding Trend 1 – Mint and Forest Green


Wedding Trend 2 – Caramel and Lilac


Wedding Trend 3 – Champagne and Mustard


Wedding Trend 4 – Powder Blue and Aqua (Pantone Color of the Year is bleeched Coral which is in the same family of colors)


Wedding Color Trend 5 – Teal, Orange & Gold


Wedding Color Tren 6 – Red, Coral and Black


2020 Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone’s 2020 Color of the year is absolutely beautiful. This color palette is stunning and soothing at the same time. There’s so much you can do  from elegant, vintage, modern to shabby chic or whimsical styles, this color palette will work for all. One of my favorite Pantone choices to date.


Fortuna Events Miami’s New Location

fortuna emblem pink and gold 2

After many years in business, we are happy to announce that Fortuna Events has opened their new offices in the Doral area.  We are thrilled to be able to meet with our clients at any time.  Our new facilities allows us to meet our clients when they are available.  Whether you need to meet during the evenings or on weekends we are open to meet whenever your available. Our B4UGO Travel and Tours office is also located within the facilities.  Feel free to contact us to make an appointment for a free consultation.  We are at your service.

Fortuna Events Miami – Named “One of the Top 20 Wedding Planners in Miami 2019”

Fortuna Events Miami formerly Fortuna Event Management & Promotions has once again been named “One of the Top 20 Wedding Planners in Miami 2019″ by

Expertise Emblem Best Wedding Planners in Miami 2019


Natalia & Kerst Wedding @ The Ancient Spanish Monastery

This beautiful couple had smiles on their faces all night long.  It’s absolutely great to see two people that are deeply in love with each other and are there for each other all the time, this is definitely Natalia & Kerst.

The Ancient Spanish Monastery is a stunning and whimsical place to have a wedding with it’s lush landscaping and beautiful Ancient Monastery.  When you walk it you get this sense of tranquility and peace just magnificent.

The wedding was perfect, no rain, despite the thunderstorms we had earlier that day, when it was time for the wedding it all cleared up and turned out to be a beautiful day and night.  This wedding was flawless and I couldn’t have done it with a better team then the vendors who worked this wedding.  I would highly recommend every single one of them

Thank you to the Venue – The Ancient Spanish MonasteryFlorist A Creation by Mario; Makeup Artist – GP Exclusives, Catering – Brazillian Grill, Cake – Ana Paz Cakes, Photographer – Cristina Carrizosa Photography, Videographer – Royes Media, DJ – Grant Hermond & Associates, Ceremony Music – Liber Music Events, Hora Loca – Black & Wine Events, and ​Coordinator, Design & Decor by Fortuna Events Miami.


Sneak peek of our Traditional Persian Wedding at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Ft. Lauderdale – 9/1/2018

We had a great time at this absolutely beautiful traditional Persian wedding last night at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale.  Music was fantastic, views were spectacular and the bride and groom were thrilled with the outcome.  The amazing flowers that gave the entire ballroom the spectacular look were created by A Creation by Mario spectacular arrangements for all of the centerpieces and throughout the venue.  More pictures and full post to come. IMG_5908IMG_5907IMG_5904IMG_5915

Anita’s 90th Birthday Party

What can I say, what a special birthday party for this amazing young lady who we think the world of.  Anita’s 90th Birthday Party was definitely a birthday party she’ll remember from the amazing group of family and friends to the Mariachi’s where she got to sing along with them to an delicious paella dinner.  Party was fantastic.  Balloon garland by Fortuna Events, flowers by A Creation by Mario her talented son and the delicious cake and cupcakes by Ciscas Sweet Spot


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